Regulatory Compliance Requirements for District of Columbia (DC) Employers

In DC, posters outlining the state and federal labor and employment laws must be posted in all of the district’s workplaces. The employers are responsible for posting these posters in a visible spot within an area where all employees have access such as a break room, mail room or employee work room – any where that the employees tend to gather on a regular basis is acceptable.

The DC posters need to contain both state and federal information. The district laws that are required to be posted are those concerning public accommodations, discrimination, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, parental leave, child labor, minimum wage and leaves of absence. The federal laws that need to be covered are USERRA – Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law, Federal Minimum Wage, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and OSHA – Job Safety and Health Protection.

DC posters need to be posted both for the benefit of the employers and the employees. Employers can benefit from posting this information because they can use them to know exactly what they need to do to make sure they are upholding the law and their employees’ rights. They can also use the posters as a reference when they haves specific questions about particular laws such as how many hours minors are allowed to work during the school year. For many employees, the DC posters are their main source for finding out their rights and responsibilities as defined by state and federal labor laws. The posters also give important information to employees who feel that they need to file a claim because the posters contain information to direct them to the appropriate state and federal agencies to go to for help.

Since state and federal labor laws can frequently change, it’s important for employers to ensure that they update their DC posters often – sometimes it’s even necessary to do so as often as once a year.