Keeping Up With Employment Law Posters

EEO is the Law Poster Image

They hold prestigious space on walls in virtually every business in the United States. People walk by them often, but the person responsible for human resources may be the only one, other than the Department of Labor, watching them like a hawk. Yes, they are employment law posters. Employment law posters are required to be prominently displayed and “in an... Read More

Arizona Minimum Wage Increase 2015

Arizona Minimum Wage
The Arizona minimum wage increases to $8.05 in 2015.

Effective January 1, 2015 the Arizona minimum wage increases from $7.90 to $8.05 per hour. The Arizona minimum wage for tipped employees increases to $5.05 per hour in 2015. This increase was issued by the Industrial Commission of Arizona on October 16, 2014. Arizona is one of about a dozen US states that increases the minimum wage annually, based on... Read More

E-Verify Continues to Gain Popularity

For a person to work legally in the United States, he or she must be authorized to work. Those authorized to work are citizens, temporary workers, permanent workers, students and exchange visitors and temporary visitors for business. This is obviously a simplistic explanation, but some of these groups represent people that may become employees in an organization. The Federal I-9... Read More

Minimum Wage, Maximum Considerations

The minimum wage debate is a hot-button issue that is not going away any time soon. With a president pushing Congress (with little success thus far) for a 39.3% increase in the federal minimum wage over two years and state legislatures and city councils taking their own action across the country, business leaders will need to keep their eyes and... Read More

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